Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pictures! Finally pictures! What have I been doing with my time, anyway?

OK, a few housekeeping items -- first of all, you no longer have to be registered to comment on this blog! That is, until the spammers piss me off. So there you go, feel free to sound off. Unless it is about Viagra or a Nigerian bank account I might own somewhere.

Also, the kids blog is now up and running. No profanity there. Also, not as much fun. But possibly more information about Antarctica. That's Also, I may post some pictures there I'm not posting here, if you are interested.

Finally, I've fixed the date/time stamp on my blog. So now, the date and time you see posted is the actual date and time I'm posting here at McMurdo. So you could read into the future.... ha ha ha.

I've finally figured out how to get some more pictures up here -- ones I've taken with my sad sad little replacement camera. To give you an idea of the quality of photos, I have a 128 MB card that holds 300 photos. High quality stuff. But it will have to suffice for now. (Too bad, because by the time my nice, and now repaired, camera shows up, the sun will be up permanently, and no beautiful sunrise/sunsets anymore.) But I've had many many requests for more pictures, so I'll post some from time to time, now that I've figured this out.
First up, party pictures. (What better?) Our department had a little par-tay last night, 1920s themed, and full of fun. Guess which party guest I am?

Those are friends Zak (Attack) and Vince on either side. How am I 1920s? I represent the Scopes Monkey Trial, in which the state of Tennessee tried to ban the teaching of evolution in schools. How random is that? I tried to go as a flapper, but the only costume I could find was a gorilla suit. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. (Yes, I realize a gorilla is not a monkey. However, most people were having so much fun they did not notice. Also, no one wanted to admit they didn't know what the Scopes Monkey Trial was all about. Actually, I had to Google it myself.)

Ahhh... and the photos continue. Every Thursday night is America Night at Scott Base, the Kiwi (New Zealand) base about 2 km down the road. What do we do? The Americans drink to have a drink, and the Kiwis drink to forget all these Americans are there! Ha! These are friends Scott and Sean, who are palling around with me until their SO's (wife, girlfriend) get here in October. They are fun!

This is how we use our brain cells down here. Beer art.

This is Andre. He's learnin' me some cribbage. It seems to be quite popular down here. I used to play with Dad, but I am refreshing my recollection on the many ways to count to 15.

Here's me getting my cold weather gear. That's ECW (EXTREME cold weather gear. EXTREME. Ha!)

Finally, some pictures of the plane I got here in -- a C-17 that landed on an ice runway. How cool is that?

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Anonymous said...

how do you get a gorilla costume in the antarctic? go to the costume shop on the corner?

brian in gb