Monday, September 3, 2007

I like it here

Here's why I love this place.

I'm sitting in a room tonight with a bunch of people, and we're chilling and hanging out and laughing and having fun, and the subject turns to marriage, which usually turns my stomach, and makes me instantly fall asleep and fear next people will start blabbing to me about their kids or their sister's kids or their cousin's kids or blahby blahby blah...

And I realize that every person in the room is vehemently anti-marriage, and all the stupid conversations they've had about marriage, and I realize, OMG. I'm finally home. The mothership has called, and as much as I hate the cold, it just might be Antarctica.

I haven't had to see pictures of anyone's two-year-old yet. And hopefully won't for a very long time. I'm not really completely anti-kid or anti-marriage, but I am very anti-those topics being the ONLY subjects of conversation people can muster. It's just great to finally be around people who get that. Lovely lovely lovely.

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eduardo waghorn said...

Warm greetings from Chile...not TOO far from your Station:)
Visit me if you want...