Sunday, September 9, 2007

One more aurora picture, and I met the evil scientists from Finding Nemo

I keep posting pictures of that super awesome aurora night, but friend Matt has put up one that I think really gives a great perspective of what it was like standing on the ice. You are probably about 100 degrees warmer right now looking at it (literally) but this was it. This was what blew my mind, and what an awesome intro to this fantastic place. Probably the most magical night of my life.

But anyway, you've heard that before if you've been following along. Now to the evil part of Antarctica ... the mad scientists! Ha ha ha ......

This is Jon. He gets to come to Antarctica to fish! But he is evil. PURE EVIL. These are the cute little fish he and his fellow beekers (that's what we call scientists here) have caught.

They even have cute names, like Lenny and Theo. And Jon and friends are going to experiment on them to death. (Please note that they are also using fishing poles with Sponge Bob and Scooby Doo to catch said fish.) Don't they look happy to be alive?

A few of them were trying to make their escape when we were there, so maybe soon they will taste sweet freedom. Or maybe they actually taste LIKE sweet freedom. I guess they'll find out. I told Jon he was like the evil scientist in the Disney movies, and that maybe a seagull and tropical fish would be breaking in to free their friends sometime soon. I also suggested that, as no cute dogs or kittens are allowed here, maybe he could use his fish to pick up girls.

The real reason they are studying the fish here is that the fish seem to have some sort of natural antifreeze in their bodies, to help them withstand the extreme cold temperatures. And these are just the little guys. There are larger species, and maybe I will get to see some!
Anyway, it's fun to see that Antarctica isn't just about cleaning toilets...

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