Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween at McMurdo! Scary....

If you browse a lot of Antarctica blogs, you know this, but Halloween is a BFD in MacTown. It's weird, because without all the advertisers' holiday hoopla, I barely even knew Halloween was coming up, and it feels nothing like autumn here. But it happened, and it was great fun! Here are some pictures of the biggest Halloween party on the continent...

I dressed up as the Nurse from Hell. (Ask my former patients ... not too much of a stretch, 'eh?) What made me the Nurse from Hell? Well, aside from my devil ears, I told everyone I was just learning to start IVs, and I would only dig around a little... anyway, people really seemed to like my beer IV. I made lots of new friends that night...

Where's Waldo? Here is my friend Steve. I think he also channels Harry Potter. You decide.

My favorite costume. 'Nuf said.

This is my freaking fantastic roommate, Lizzie! And me too!

The Hamburglar!

Tee-hee! McMOrgy. How many naughty things can you pick out in this picture?

My favorite mad scientist!

Two-face, and my favorite McMurdo nudist on strike!

Very few holidays actually get celebrated on the actual holidays here. So this party went down October 27th. On actual Halloween, I thought, what might happen if I went trick-or-treating at McMurdo?

Hilarity ensues ...

I started out on my own, but picked up stragglers. (The cute little butterfly is another roommate, Whitney! We love Whitney!) We took pictures with all the people who gave us treats. The take -- several cans/bottles of beer, several shots, a cigar, a box of macaroni and cheese, actual razor blades, a cigarette, cookies, an old hamburger, an expired library card, a half-used bottle of conditioner, tea, Emergen-C, fruit leather, and even some actual candy. Here's a picture of the take (minus a few beers.) Pretty good deal for a few hours of shaking down my neighbors.

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