Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bleach Master, Antarctica BBQ, Keri crimps her hair, The X-Files Sno Cat, and other random stuff...

They say it's a harsh continent down here. That's what we hear when we are inclined to complain about anything going on. It's a harsh continent.

One of the things that happens on a harsh continent in jano world is that we start to run out of supplies. Things like hand soap. And floor soap. And bleach. That's right, a couple of weeks into this season, we figured out the station had run out of liquid bleach until vessel (a big boat that arrives with supplies every February).

That means, as a janitor lead, I am the station's new bleach master, at least for our department. I have probably made 200+ bottles of liquid bleach from powdered bleach since I've been here, and expect to make many many more.

Here I am, in my quest to keep this station nice and disinfect-y.

We complain sometimes, but ordering supplies down here can be tricky. It's so much cheaper to send stuff by ship than by plane, that that's the preferred way of getting stuff to us. Problem is, when you go the way of the icebreaker, you need to get your order in two years (!) in advance. So if we need a particular cleaning supply, we can order it, and will see it sometime in 2010. It amazes me that there exists within today's internet world, a process that takes two years to fill a duct tape order. But that's this place. It's a harsh continent.

But of course, my life isn't just bleach making. The nice folks at the Carp Shop (that's where all the cool carpenters hang out) invited the janos up for a little Antarctica BBQ last night. So while you all may be just finishing your little North American grillin' out season, we're just starting to fire up our grills here. Who would have thought I'd be grilling out on the harsh continent?

By the way, great view from the carp shop, up at the top of town.

Here are some pictures of the wonderful people I work with. I love them all! It's so cool to around such fantastic people every day.

Next, I thought I would throw in some photos of one of two Sno Cats here on station. One of these was used as the Sno Cat Mulder drove around in the X-Files movie. He came to Antarctica woefully unprepared. He had no hat, no gloves, but he did have a Sno Cat. So, if anyone remembers how much I love the X-Files, you can imagine how excited I am to get to see this one! David Duchovney, why don't you love me?

There are a lot of theme parties here. They need to keep us busy so we don't hammer attack each other. (Yes, not so long ago, there was a hammer attack here. Sometimes people get all stir-crazy and such). So to stem the tide of hammer-related injuries, they like to get us all dressed up! Here is friend Chris at the Polie Toga Party.

I get dressed up too! Last night was 70s/80s night. I skuaed a crimper, and voila! I AM the 80s. Also a picture of friend Hally in her fabulous 80s-ness.

I thought I would throw in a picture of Chris Mallon for his mom. We are enjoying torturing him, as his mom is very sweetly finding Antarctica blogs online, and inquiring about her son's well-being. We love you Rose! We keep telling Chris to call you more often.

This hole appeared in the wall near my room. How did it appear? As most of these things do down here -- as if by magic. What is funny, is that the longer the hole remains, the more people are falling in love with it.

Last, thought I would toss in some pictures of the tourist signs. I am a tourist in Antarctica. How crazy is that?


Rose said...

Keri! Thanks for the photo of Chris. It's now our computer wallpaper. He looks healthy. I'm wondering how long his hair is getting. He wears that hat all the time;-)

I forwarded the shot to the family. They aren't so good at reading the blogs, but they love any info or photos we send them.

Thanks fro keeping an eye on Chris for me. I really miss him.

Keri said...

Hey, no problem Rose! Torturing Chris is one of our favorite passtimes. More photos to come ... the more embarrassing, the better!