Friday, August 31, 2007

Who loves me most? And check out this video!

So I've been playing a little game while I've been here in Antarctica -- let's call it "who loves me most?" It's an unintentional game, but here's how it goes...

I brought along a bunch of my favorite pictures here, and used medical tape to put a bunch of them on the bottom of the top bunk of my bunk bed (so I could see them when I got into my bed, the bottom bunk.) Well, medical tape isn't really the best way to secure pictures, I've found. One by one, they've all been falling down. I tried to keep taping them for awhile, but gave up the fight as they fell like leaves, a few every day. So then I decided that maybe there was a higher message here. Whoever's picture stayed up longest must be the person who loves me most.

Anyway, my sick little game has been going on since I got here, really, and I'm happy to announce the winner ..... drumroll please .................................

Coltrane! Yes, Coltrane is the person who loves me most. That crazy mutt. I knew it. All the rest of y'all need to try a lot harder. Ha!

Anyway, friend Brian was nice enough to post a time lapse of the pictures he took the night we went out to see the auroras, so I've posted it here. I'm part of the little group of people at the bottom. Enjoy!



Navik said...

Wow, beautiful. The picture you posted earlier is great too. Glad things are going well. I think it's amazing that you're there. I wonder what the delay will be for trivia... ;)

Lois said...

Awesome photos. Your mom and I were able to watch those from our house as a kid, but never anything as spectular as that video!