Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Greetings from Antarctica

Hello to all my super family and super friends!

I send you August greetings from Antarctica! And I am happy to say I arrived safe and sound and am enjoying weather that makes me feel like Christmas should be coming soon!

I've promised this blog for quite some time now, and I am just finally getting around to putting something worth reading up here (or not, that's for you to decide) but anyway, it will be here if you'd like to read about my take on what it's like to live and work here on this cool continent.

A few items of note:

*If you are a family with kids who want to follow along, you should check out my blog for kids at . I am not quite an X-rated person, but I am not always G-rated, so this is a place that will be geared for kids -- Mrs. Nelson's class, and cousins, etc. If you want to hear the real story, you should stick with the blog you are reading right now, because hopefully it will be more entertaining! (I hate censorship! Even when it's my own!)

*If you are an Antarctica blog aficionado (which I was, before I came here) please note this is a first-year, FNG blog, (FNG to be defined later, for adults), and therefore, probably will contain a lot of stuff that's interesting to me, a FNG, but not necessarily anyone who knows anything at all about the program, because it will be full of wide-eyed stuff that will seem old hat to you.

*I swear. If this offends you, read the kids blog.

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Bill said...

How cute! My baby's a fng. Damn cherries.