Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Keri's Rules for Antarctica - Year Two

1. Don’t fall in love in Antarctica.

2. Seriously. Don’t fall in love in Antarctica.

3. Make friends with all the Kiwis you possibly can.

4. Dress like a girl sometimes.

5. It is never a waste of time to go for a walk in Antarctica.

6. Have a good supply of food to make from home. This will ward off insanity and starvation. When in doubt, Jello and bread.

7. Remember to check the I-drive for good pictures. Remember to start trading pictures early, so you aren’t scrambling at the end. Remember to bring enough memory to store said pictures.

8. Blog more. Blog better.

9. Remember your “real world” family and friends. Write. Email. Call.

10. Bring a change of footwear on the plane for the return trip so you don't look like a dork clomping around in your bunny boots at the CHC airport in late summer.

11. This too shall pass.

1 comment:

Terri said...

i haven't heard 11 in a long time. but it still resonates.
glad you read good stuff :)